Friday, February 15, 2013

Diaper Genie Refill

Diaper Genies utilize both hand and foot, with a single handed operation and a foot pedal which opens the lid for you to push the soiled diaper inside a plastic liner. The liner bags are formed by an antimicrobial plastic film which can be cut and tied when the diaper genie is full - this one comes out top of the class for effectively eliminating nasty odors.

I like the Diaper Genie system and these refill bags are a must. They work very well, however they're very expensive.
Apparently I'm able to justify it, since we've been using them for almost two years and keep re-ordering.

Add it to your Subscribe & Save. Save a little money and you'll need them on a regular basis anyway. I believe a package of 3 lasts us approximately 3-months). When kids are younger they pee/poop more but the diapers are much smaller and as they age the opposite is true.

Whether you ultimately decide on the baby trend diaper champ or some other diaper champ system, make sure that you don't overlook this very important part of your nursery equipment. You might be surprised at what a difference a baby trend diaper champ can make in your life!

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